Enrolment Policy

The Kitimat Day Care Inc. Enrolment Policy aims to establish clear and transparent enrolment policies and procedures to govern the allotment of childcare spaces for the Multi-Age Day Care program.

The Day Care Program is classified as a licensed Multi-Age Day Care. The program currently has eight (8) spaces available for multi-age care.

Legislated staff-to-child (1:8) ratios are prescribed in the Childcare Licensing Regulation, which limits the number of children accepted into the program.


Registration for the program is ongoing throughout the year. Children are accepted into the program in the order in which families’ applications are received and considering the enrollment priorities described below.
A waitlist is created when the number of applicants exceeds the available spaces. Children will be offered a room, should one become available, based on the following priority levels:

1. Children “aging up” from their ratio category. For example, a one-year-old will take a 2-year-old spot when they turn 2.

2. Returning children previously enrolled in the program. For example, A child returns after an extended leave of absence, i.e., summer break.

3. Siblings of children who are currently enrolled in the program.

Notwithstanding these priority levels, KDC reserves the right to manage the acceptance of applications to the program to create group dynamics that allow the children and staff to have the best possible experience.

Consideration may also be given to maximizing the total number of childcare spaces available based on demands for part-time and full-time care. Depending on the circumstances, this may mean deviating from these priority levels occasionally.


1. Families inquiring about space availability in the program will be provided with information about the registration processes, whether there is a waitlist for the program, and how applications are prioritized.

2. If a space becomes available in the program, either due to a child leaving or “aging out,” families with children currently attending the daycare that wish to make a scheduling change (i.e., part-time/full-time, different days, different time of day) will be given priority to accept the vacant space.

3. If there is no waitlist for the program, children will be offered a space on a first-come, first-served basis.

4. If there is a waitlist for the program, children will be offered a space based on the priority levels described in the above policy.

5. When a space becomes available in a program, a staff member will contact the family offered a room by phone or email.

6. If there is a waitlist for the program, families must accept the offer within 48 hours of being contacted by KDC. If a family does not get the request within 48 hours, the space will be offered to the next child on the waitlist based on the priority levels described in this policy.

7. No space will be held by verbal contract. Before registration is complete, registration documents must be signed.

8. It is required that the parent/guardian and their child(ren) visit the program before enrolment. This process allows your child(ren) to become more familiar with KDC.

9. There is no free childcare offered on a trial basis.